Why I Believe Millennials Should Consider Franchising

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but prior to launching my Coverall® Franchised Business, P&P Janitorial Services, LLC, in 2014, I worked for several companies. After so many years of working for someone, I decided it was time to become my own boss. Diving into the franchising world seemed like the natural next step for me.

I’ve been involved in the beginning stages of a start-up before, so I had some experience under my belt in the business world. But, what I love about the franchise model is that it offers a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs who may not have prior business experience. Franchising allows independent millennials the chance to be their own boss while still having a team to help guide them and show them the ropes.

Members of the millennial generation, while relatively new to the business world, possess many qualities that make them valued franchisees. Known for being multi-taskers and innovative thinkers, Generation Y brings a new perspective to the franchise arena. Since business owners constantly have to juggle many responsibilities at once, multi-tasking is imperative. Another reason franchising is ideal for millennials is that this generation, perhaps more than any other, craves work-life balance. Becoming a business owner is the perfect opportunity for millennials to set their own boundaries and schedules.

To my fellow millennials who are contemplating franchising as a business opportunity, my biggest advice for you is to take advantage of the franchise company’s training program and resources.  I became a Coverall Franchised Business Owner, because their business model, extensive training and ongoing business support services gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream of business ownership. Remember, you hold the future in your hands so above all else, follow your dreams.

Like the idea of being your own boss? Take the first step and visit: http://www.coverall.com/franchise-opportunities/business-decisions/is-experience-necessary

Martekei Plange, is the owner of P&P Janitorial Services, LLC, a Franchised Business with the Coverall® System. Coverall North America, Inc., is a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning businesses. The 32-year old entrepreneur started her franchised business in 2014 and currently serves the communities of Tampa, FL.