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The Grand Prize Winners for 2017

Jennifer Turliuk

Idea: Kids’ Coding and Robotics

2017 Grand Prize & FranShark Winner

After graduating from Singularity University, a NASA-based program where students learn how to apply technology to education, Turliuk founded MakerKids. The company runs programs on robotics, coding and Minecraft for kids ages 8-12 through camps, after-school programs and birthday parties. Graduates of MakerKids have gone on to start businesses, present their projects on national TV, teach classes, and more. The company has received national and international press coverage, hundreds of franchise requests, and globally recognized awards.

David Blue

Blue Moon Estate Sales
Idea: Estate Sales

2017 Grand Prize Winner

David Blue co-founded Blue Moon Estate Sales USA with his mother to conduct personal property liquidation for people who are downsizing or dealing with the estate of a deceased relative. The company’s mission is to bring standardization to a growing, in-demand industry that for years has been run by small companies providing extreme variability in the quality of service to its clients. In 2015, the company’s 11 locations reported $2.5 million in gross sales, and is projected to hit nearly $5 million by year-end. David plans to have a total of 200 units in five years, with annual gross sales in excess of $80 million annually.

David Lindsay

Salts of the Earth
Idea: Salt Therapy

2017 Grand Prize Winner

David Lindsay founded Salts of the Earth (SOTE) in 2010 after seeing the incredible effects salt therapy had on his father’s respiratory ailments. Salt therapy is a medically proven, natural therapy that involves inhaling dry salt to cleanse both the airways and skin to relieve congestion, inflammation and skin irritations. In just five years, SOTE has grown from one center in Melbourne to 19 centers in Victoria, NSW, WA and SA, and is the largest salt therapy franchise in the world. David plans on expanding the business into key international markets, such as the U.S., China, Malaysia and the U.K. over the next five years. In the Australian market alone, sales are estimated to grow by an average of 42% YOY, with net profit growing by an average of 67% YOY.

Alejandro Souza

Idea: Unique Pizza

2017 Grand Prize Winner

Mexico City-based entrepreneur Alejandro Souza launched Pixza just over a year ago, an innovative and unique pizza concept that sells the world’s first blue corn pizza made out of 100 percent Mexican ingredients. What makes the restaurant so special is that it simultaneously operates as a social empowerment platform; for every five slices sold, a sixth slice is automatically delivered to homeless young adults who then have the opportunity to join the company’s “The Route of Change” program. Those who consequently graduate the program receive a job offer from their local pizzeria, as well as an opportunity to live in their own apartment and work with a personal coach in order to establish and implement a life plan. Consequently, the restaurant exclusively employs local homeless young adults in need and gives them an outlet to change their lives.

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