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The Grand Prize Winners for 2015

Galen Welsch

Jibu Water
Idea: Cleaning Drinking Water

2015 Grand Prize Winner

Galen Welsch (Jibu co-founder, CEO Africa) lives in Kampala, Uganda and leads all of Jibu’s activities in Africa. He received his B.A. in International Relations from Wheaton College and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) who served as Health Educator in Morocco ’10 – ’12 where he was awarded multiple project grants (including USAID and World Connect). Further experience in development includes working with HEAL Africa in Goma, DR Congo ’07. Business experience includes being a lead fundraiser for Colorado’s Fund for the Public Interest as well as launching a successful landscaping and lawncare LLC. Galen has been awarded social entrepreneurship fellowships / recognition from the Unreasonable Institute, GSBI, Sankalp, and SOCAP.



Jennifer Beall Saxton

Tot Squad
Idea: Mobile Baby Car Seat / Stroller Cleaning

2015 Grand Prize Winner

Jennifer Beall Saxton is the Founder & CEO of Tot Squad, an eco-friendly cleaning service for strollers and car seats. Professional safety technicians reinstall car seats after they are cleaned. Tot Squad currently operates in Southern California and New York City, and the first franchise opened in Washington, DC in June 2016.

Jen received her MBA in 2010 from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where she focused on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Tot Squad was created through her MBA coursework. Prior to business school, Jen worked in Management Consulting, as well as strategy for a food & beverage company. Jen now lives in Los Angeles. Her work with Tot Squad has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Forbes, among others. Read more about Jennifer and Tot Squad on our blog.


John Evans

EverLine Coatings and Services
Idea: Parking Lot Line Painting

2015 Grand Prize Winner

A multitude of factors have seasoned John Evans into a formidable entrepreneurial force. His mother had a knack for sales and marketing, and his father taught him that passion, honesty and sacrifice are the keys to success in building your own business. John grew up in Brockville, ON on the St. Lawrence River, which is located between Ottawa, ON and Toronto, ON, so it was like having a small town life with the perks of being close to the big city. He was always the one among his peers to come up with new ways for looking at obstacles, and he often challenged the norm in how solutions could be implemented.

His first few years of being in business for himself was as a franchisee with College Pro Painters. It was there that he sharpened his skills as an entrepreneur and lead to the development and successful growth of EverLine Coatings and Services – a parking lot line maintenance business based in Calgary, AB. The unrelenting drive for success is what keeps John growing and he is finding new ways to expand his business and himself through personal development. Read more about John and EverLine on our blog.

Eduardo Navarro

Le Mime
Idea: Mobile Galto

2015 Grand Prize Winner

Eduardo Navarro is from Guadalajara, Mexico. Before university, he spent a year in Ireland learning English. Then for college, he studied International Business, even participating in an exchange program in Thailand.

He loves traveling and has been to 25 countries. He has always dreamed of owning a successful franchise. But before he would start to franchise, he wanted to know the world. He believes everybody feels very proud when you are aboard and you see a brand from your country.

He started Le Mime Ice Cream Rolls 2 years ago. Wanting to do something very different in the market, he combined his passions for Volkswagen and mimes (Charles Chaplin) to build the branding and spirit for his company. Luckily, people have liked his concept and they are becoming very famous.


Alexander Walzl

Idea: Bread Recycling

2015 Grand Prize Winner

Alexander Walzl is a final year law student (LLB) at the University of Warwick (UK) and was raised in Tretino – Alto Adige, an autonomous and bilingual region in norther Italy. He is fluent in German, Italian and English, and speaks Fresh, Dutch and Spanish. Alex spent a year in Utrecht (NL) as part of his degree and undertook two summer internships in India. In his free time he enjoys long-distance running, cooking and playing the piano.





Our 2015 Winners

  • Shannon O’Brien Whole U Idea: Holistic Life Coaching
  • Hayden Edelson Lacrosse Unlimited Idea: Equipment Center
  • Rolando De La Torre, Jr. ZeeHub Idea: Franchise Management Software
  • Omer Khan Vivid Tech Idea: Customer Service App
  • Mohamed Hassan Ali Idea: Five-Star Hotel Franchise Concept
  • Lisa Petro Know My World Idea: Global Awareness Education
  • Jessica Linnell Idea: Social Media Strategy for Franchises
  • Deanna Dozer ChowDown Idea: Snack Foods
  • Leonard Moliki Eco-Clean Cycle Idea: Alternative Energy Refueling Stations
  • Kevin Pinske Shake It! Idea: Smoothie Concept
  • Tyler Martin Americana Idea: Build Your Own Burger Restaurant
  • Jesus Rivas Idea: Specialized Dog Breeding
  • Rhys Richards Idea: Acquisition Target Concept for SUBWAY
  • Karen Jashinsky 02 Max Fitness Idea: College Fitness Program
  • Hannah Haynes Star Spangled Burgers Idea: Food Truck
  • Scott Donnell Apex Fun Run Idea: School Fundraising Program
  • Holger Staerz Franchise Option Program Idea: Franchise Owner Training for Young People
  • Gonzalo Velasco Arrow Advertising Idea: Advertising
  • Ferial Carelse The Bookery Idea: Bakery and Second-Hand Book Store
  • Dhaval Damar Sketch it for Me Idea: Art Franchise
  • Daniel Sanya Ewa Àgòyìn Idea: Food Stands
  • Daksh Uday Shah Idea: Sports Training and Education Academy
  • Courtney Olesh Flashnotes Idea: Student Class Notes Service
  • Andrew Just 3D Prints Idea: 3D Printing Facilities
  • Clara Ohakim Popbar Idea: Gelato Stores
  • David Valentine II Cupid’s Idea: Supermarket Concept
  • Biodun Martins Awoyele Idea: Innovative Delivery Solutions for Franchises
  • Austin Walton Kooky Carnival Idea: Indoor Carnivals
  • Christopher Blakeley Aspiring Champions Idea: Sports Training Facility
  • Brenda Mareri Alternlight Idea: Road Side Reflective Strips
  • Daniel Chiumia Idea: Pork Processing Franchise
  • Andrew Rogers JayClean Idea: Campus Dry Cleaning
  • Chandni Aggarwal Rural Odyssey Idea: Specialized Travel Agency
  • Abrial Nepal The Grand Design Idea: Cooperative Banking
  • Banke Sorinwa Idea: Aspiring Lush Soap Franchisee
  • Andrija Čolak Surf’n’Fries Idea: French Fry Franchise
  • Amaneto Franklyne Ortho-Soutions Idea: Prosthetic Limb Clinics
  • Callum Short Kabin Idea: Technology Soutions for Franchises
  • Aline Rodrigues Project Let’s Dress Up the World Idea: Clothing Retailer
  • Ali Al Makhzomy (Ali Hameed) Idea: Waste Disposal and Recycling
  • Akpan Godwin Idea: High-End Printing Shops
  • AbdulRaouf ALDwairi Idea: Eyesight Clinics