The Grand Prize Winners for 2019

Jeremy Hassell Founder of City Cave
Jeremy Hassell

City Cave

2019 Grand Prize Winner

Recognizing the need for a health and wellness center that focused on longevity and total well-being of individuals, Jeremy Hassell launched City Cave in Australia. Since the opening of its first location in 2016, City Cave has grown to offer a combination of holistic and clinical services tailored to each guest’s needs and provides the ideal space for relaxing and meditation. From float therapy to infrared saunas and yoga, City Cave aims to deliver the perfect facility that adds years of quality life to those in the community. Today, City Cave has 4 locations across Australia, with plans to continue its expansion.

Princess Diana Rosario Founder of What's your FLAN?
Princess Diana Rosario

What’s Your FLAN?

2019 Runner-Up

Princess Diana Rosario is the founder of What’s Your Flan?, a company founded in 2016 that is the product of her passion for cooking. What’s Your Flan? serves original mouthwatering desserts that are all freshly made, natural, and have no food coloring or preservatives. From humble beginnings and 14 failed businesses, she was shaped to be a better business owner, influencing the launch of her Philippines-based business designed to help fellow entrepreneurs have the opportunity to become their own boss. After two hardworking years of business, What’s Your Flan? has expanded from a single location to 70 franchisees nationwide, one international franchise in Dubai UAE, and hundreds of registered resellers.

Brooke Gagliano, founder of Frutta Bowls
Brooke Gagliano

Frutta Bowls

2019 Runner-Up

Brooke graduated from Drew University in 2014 majoring in business with a minor in biology and art. After college, Brooke used her passion for athletic education to start her own business training sports teams and clients, which is where she was first introduced to acai. While on a trip out west, Brooke had her first acai bowl and the idea for Frutta Bowls was born. With the support of her friends and family, she opened her first store in May 2016 in Howell, New Jersey, at age 23. The Frutta Bowls dream started as a local idea with two locations. It has since grown into a nationwide concept, continuing to positively affect many lives along the way. Frutta Bowls sets itself apart by not only its commitment to providing healthy and delicious food, but also by its involvement in the communities surrounding each location.

Venuste Kubwimana, founder of A Water Kiosk at School
Venuste Kubwimana

A Water Kiosk at School

2019 Social Enterprise Franchise

Named amongst Africa’s Top 50 Innovators in 2018 and AIDF Global Innovator of the Year, Venuste Kubwimana is a youth activist and social entrepreneur based in Kenya. He is the Founder and Secretary General of the International Transformation Foundation, a parent organization of the franchising initiative A Water Kiosk at School launched by Venuste in 2014. He was inspired by personal experiences growing up in communities where students walk long distances to gather water for their families before and after going to school. As a result, many children in the area have a high tendency to drop out of school in order to meet their needs. A Water Kiosk at School is a school-based and student-managed business selling clean tap water to community residents at an affordable price. It is both an educational and profitable business teaching students business and entrepreneurial skills and generating much-needed income for schools.