The Grand Prize Winners for 2018

Landon & Kat Eckles

Clean Juice Franchising, LLC

2018 Grand Prize Winner

Husband-and-wife team Landon and Kat Eckles recognized the growing trend where people are now investing in their health, often spending more money on food than clothing. The entrepreneurs founded Clean Juice, the only USDA-certified organic juice bar franchise, with the mission of inspiring others to be healthy in body and strong in spirit. Products include acai bowls, juices, juice cleanses, smoothies, oat bowls, custom toast products, and other healthy snacks. Clean Juice now has 27 open locations, with another 75 in development, and an average unit volume of $1 million (per Franchise Disclosure Document, Item 19, 2017). By 2021, Clean Juice Franchising expects to have 500 stores nationwide.

Andrew Cameron


2018 Runner-Up

As a donut lover and savvy entrepreneur, Cameron discovered that purchasing donuts isn’t an interactive experience. He realized the product is often boring and cookie cutter — a one-size-fits-all mentality. The ingredients typically aren’t premium and not yielding a quality product. Like pizza, coffee drinks, and ice cream, Cameron believed that donuts deserved the opportunity to be customized and imagined by the customer. With six previous donut shops under his belt, Cameron founded Donutology in 2016 with the concept of made-to-order mini donuts alongside popular Classic donuts and developed a suite of donut-themed treats to give Donutology a unique twist.

Devan Kline

Burn Boot Camp

2018 Runner-Up

Kline was brought up in a low-income neighborhood of Battle Creek, Michigan. His mother and father were both victims of each other’s domestic violence, which often would trickle down to Kline and his siblings. Throughout his career with the San Francisco Giants and at Central Michigan University, Kline developed this passion for fitness. Since opening the first Burn Boot Camp franchise in 2015, Kline and his wife, Morgan, have grown the brand to over 120 locations, with a projected 169 to open this year and a goal of awarding 1,000 worldwide in the first six years. In 2018, Burn Boot Camp’s revenue is projected to reach $80 million in just its fourth year of franchising. 

Stella Sigana

Alternative Waste Technologies

2018 Social Franchise Winner

Founded in 2015, Alternative Waste Technologies (AWT) is a mission driven social enterprise focused on tackling energy poverty by producing clean fuel for cooking while significantly improving the air quality in homes. Seventy percent of Kenya’s population relies on charcoal as their main source of energy, yet 20,000 people — mostly women and children — die each year because of indoor air pollution. AWT produces fuel briquettes through conversion of organic agricultural and charcoal waste from slum settlements. The briquettes have zero smoke, no odor, and provide an efficient source of fuel. To date, AWT has recycled over 150 tons of waste into fuel briquettes for cooking and empowered.