How I Did It: My Journey as an Immigrant to Franchise Ownership

Nine years ago I came to the United States straight out of high school, didn’t speak English and had very little money. Today, at the young age of 24, I am a proud Baskin-Robbins multi-unit franchisee and own a total of three shops in the state of Washington.

After my first interaction with Baskin-Robbins I immediately fell in love with the fun, happy spirit of the brand and was attracted to the simplicity of the company and ease of operations. Following learning more about the opportunities available in my hometown, I purchased my first store in May of 2014. I found so much enjoyment in running my first shop that I decided to purchase a second just six months later, followed by my third in January of 2016.

When I joined Baskin-Robbins as a first-time business owner, I had no intentions of purchasing more than one shop but once my first location was up and running, I was inspired to expand by the warm welcome from the local community. I am grateful for the corporate team who pushed me to be the business man that I am today, and for taking a chance on me as a young millennial on the search for a new opportunity.

Owning a business from a franchised brand like Baskin-Robbins has been a joy. The one-on-one support and strong brand recognition are among many of the reasons why I continue to flourish. Throughout this entire process I have learned more about myself, about being an entrepreneur and about the great opportunity franchising can give to millennials.

– Albert Tadevosyan, Baskin-Robbins Franchisee